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You are a powerful mutant beast battling through a terrifying laboratory run by merciless mechanical guards. Defend yourself against endless hordes of robots, lab defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock beasts with unique powers, and experiment with potent mutations for endless variety!

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.2

Features Challenge Prestige and Better Rewards Every 5th rank, earn an Elite crate Every 25th rank, earn a Nuclear crate Every 100 ranks, earn a Quantum crate and a prestige rank Leaderboards still track your total rank Revive You can now revive your beast to full health once per escape »

Nuclear Bundle Leaving Soon!

BioBeasts Has Evolved! The hit mobile action game BioBeasts is bigger and better than ever! Our new update adds tons of new Mutations, skins, and more to help you destroy your robotic foes! Get the Nuclear Bundle before It’s Gone! In our upcoming 1.5.3 update, BioBeasts will »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.1

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Show device notification when crate is unlocked, or if you forget to start unlocking a crate. Notifications can be turned off from the settings menu (if you hate fun). Changes Improved Nuclear Bundle code generation. If you own the bundle and did not »

Our Biggest BioBeasts Update EVER!

What is BioBeasts?! BioBeasts is a new game for Android and iOS where you take control of powerful mutant beasts and battle through waves of robots, laboratory defenses, and hulking bosses. Claw, bite, blast, and mutate your way to freedom while freeing new beasts with unique powers! Unlock and upgrade »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.0

Download for Android Download for iOS Note: We quietly released an update to the Android version of the game a little while ago. After reviewing feedback we made a number of changes to the game. Those changes are listed at the end. Features Mutations Crates: Obtain 10 Batteries by clearing »

BioBeasts, Batteries, and Bountiful Crates!

Introducing Batteries! Coming to BioBeasts v1.5.0 are batteries. Batteries will function like a secondary currency, earned after completing each wave. Defeating the final boss earns a special bonus of 2 Batteries, meaning it's possible to earn up to 10 Batteries on any Normal, Hard, or Insane run. The »

BioBeasts Skins Preview

In the hotly anticipated BioBeasts v1.5.0 release you will be able to spruce up the look of existing beasts by unlocking new beast skins! This has been an eagerly anticipated and highly requested feature from players since early builds of the game, and it's one we are super »

BioBeasts 1.5.0 Coming Soon!

Soon we'll officially reveal details of the next major update to BioBeasts! Version 1.5.0 will launch within the next few weeks on both Android and iOS and it introduces loads of exciting new improvements and changes to the game so stay tuned! If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, »

Patch Notes - 1.4.0

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Cloud Saving Use Facebook to save and load your data, protecting against lost/broken phones and allowing you to easily play on multiple devices. Saves transfer seamlessly across iOS and Android. Go to Options, use Facebook to connect, then Save or Load your »

Join the BioBeasts Test Team!

Want to be the first to test out new features and content in BioBeasts? Sign up below to join the BioBeasts tester team! As an official BioBeasts tester you'll gain access to the very latest release of BioBeasts days before the update goes live to the app stores! Complete the »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.3.29

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Beast animation revamp We’ve moved to a new animation system for all the beasts, greatly smoothing out their animations and leading the way for some interesting stuff in the future. It also reduces their filesize/memory usage by up to 75%. New »

Cloud save, loading improvements and more!

BioBeasts Cloud Save In an upcoming BioBeasts update you will have the ability to save game progress to cloud storage. The worries about losing or breaking your phone are over, your BioBeasts game data will be safe. This was a highly requested and anticipated feature, though it came bundled with »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.2.27

Download for Android Download for iOS Note: Android is currently rolling out, iOS is still waiting on approval. Will update when all platforms are live. Features New Beast: Carnax Jr. Stop the bots around you in time using a Stasis field, then blast them down with powerful Chaos Beams! Survival »