A New Test Subject Arrives!

During the first brainstorming sessions, BioBeasts was conceived as a very simple game. One beast, 2-3 enemy types, no mutations or special powers. Such a game probably would have taken 3 months, but who would want to play that game? We knew early on that for BioBeasts to succeed, it would require the ability to expand, both through game mechanics and content. We also knew that addressing and incorporating player feedback quickly would be crucial to the longevity of the game.

To that end, we are in the process of testing and polishing the first major update to BioBeasts. This update will include a new beast, new mutations, challenges, and numerous performance improvements to avert crashing and smooth gameplay on older phones!

This new beast, the mysterious Toxic Mantis, will rely on combos to spawn eggs in each lane. Activating the special will send lethal spawnlings down the lanes, shredding bots in their paths.

Another key feature, Challenges will serve a number of purposes: allowing you to earn more BioBits, learn valuable gameplay mechanics organically, make interesting gameplay decisions, and advance your rank (also a new feature).

We hope you'll check out our next update (estimated sometime next week) and let us know what you think! Even with all we've added, we know there are still a few key features players are anxious to see!

Lastly, if BioBeasts currently runs poorly or not at all on your device, this update may help you! We've reduced memory consumption significantly to boost performance on older device models, allowing even more players to participate in the bot-bashing mayhem!