All Hands on Deck

In the wake of E3, it's very clear that competition for attention in the game industry is fiercer than ever. Game development is a process rife with uncertainty so we're doing everything in our power to help stack the odds in our favor. With all the projects new and old at Artix Entertainment with audiences of various sizes, it's easy to forget sometimes that we're all working on the same team. Every team lead wants his or her game to thrive, and that game's fanbase may enjoy that particular game to the exclusion of all others. However, quite frequently, Artix staff will work on several projects at the same time. We all want to succeed together. To help improve our chance of success with BioBeasts, we've enlisted the help of many other developers at AE.

We've displayed several enemy designs in previous posts, but not many beast designs. Part of the reason for that is beasts require much more thought in development. We want every beast to deliver a unique playthrough experience, with a unique beast power and possibly alternative attack styles and stats.

Most recently Memet has undertaken the task of designing a new beast type that specializes in ranged attacks! It's still in the early stages but she works quickly so we should have some more developed previews very soon!

Cysero and Memet have also been helping us create new enemy types, adding diversity and challenge to the gameplay!

An often overlooked aspect of game development in which other AE developers have been instrumental in assisting us is marketing. With so many new games releasing and so many millions in advertisement dollars flying around, building awareness of a new game is very challenging, especially for a small company. Fortunately, we were able to brainstorm a way to drive awareness of BioBeasts while rewarding existing AE players through a BioBeasts Facebook Campaign. Under this campaign, AQW players will be rewarded with free content for Liking the BioBioBeasts Facebook page. This campaign has been very successful in acquiring thousands of new fans for our social media pages. If the momentum continues, we will hopefully have a huge base of followers eagerly waiting to play BioBeasts on launch day!

Remember, game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, and we can't succeed alone. The success of BioBeasts will be thanks to our fans, our colleagues, and everyone who stumbles upon our links to give us a chance. Thanks for all your help so far and for your continued questions, comments, and efforts to help drive us forward in making BioBeasts the most successful AE mobile game yet!