Animation Domination

Greetings! It's been a busy week here in the AE underground lab. We've focused on addressing a number of performance issues early on regarding memory and map load times. As we add more content to the game, keeping the code clean from here on out is critical. While megabytes and file size restrictions kept the programmers busy, the artists had time to get a little "devious".

Over the past few weeks we posted progress images of 2 new playable BioBeasts and several new enemy types. We sent the graphics off to our animators here at Artix Entertainment. So this week we saw it fitting to share some animation previews with you of the new enemy types which will be featured in BioBeasts.

Preview of NEW enemy the "Re-Animator" animated by Arklen drawn by Nightwraith Re-Animator is a trickster at heart. This nasty foe will look dead, but comes back to life.

Preview of NEW enemy the "Jetpack Guard" animated by Cysero
With all the action happening on screen we needed a new way to spice up gameplay. Thus the reason for the Jetpack guard, he is designed to fly into the screen and drop into a lane then walk towards the player.

Preview of NEW enemy "PillBug Spawn" drawn by Memet and animated by Nightwraith This cute little bug is deceiving because once you attack the Pillbug it will spawn smaller inchworm0like Pillbugs when defeated.

Salamancer animation breakdown in Unity, drawn by Memet and animated by Nightwraith After importing the graphics from flash, We like to test all of the timing and effects in Unity.

First look at Salamancer in game footage!
The moment this vine was recorded was just seconds after Titan finished implementing the Salamancer into the game. So this was our first look at seeing him in action! As you can see the Salamancer will be a projectile type of Beast.

Of course we have plenty of new enemies and beasts in development. As we test gameplay will be introducing more strategic ways to keep BioBeasts interesting.

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