BioBeasts Gets Haunted

In BioBeasts v1.5.0 we introduced the ability of customize your Beasts' looks through unlockable skins. Since this feature rolled out, players have suggested a wide variety of ideas for us to run with. BioBeasts v1.5.3 will launch with 6 new beast skins to collect so we »

Frogzard Comes to BioBeasts!

There's a new Beast in town, one that should be very familiar to longtime fans of Artix Entertainment: the Frogzard! This iconic creature has been featured in nearly every AE game, from Adventure Quest to AQWorlds to its new incarnation in Adventure Quest 3D. Frogzard will be available to unlock »

BioBeasts, Batteries, and Bountiful Crates!

Introducing Batteries! Coming to BioBeasts v1.5.0 are batteries. Batteries will function like a secondary currency, earned after completing each wave. Defeating the final boss earns a special bonus of 2 Batteries, meaning it's possible to earn up to 10 Batteries on any Normal, Hard, or Insane run. The »

BioBeasts Skins Preview

In the hotly anticipated BioBeasts v1.5.0 release you will be able to spruce up the look of existing beasts by unlocking new beast skins! This has been an eagerly anticipated and highly requested feature from players since early builds of the game, and it's one we are super »

Cloud save, loading improvements and more!

BioBeasts Cloud Save In an upcoming BioBeasts update you will have the ability to save game progress to cloud storage. The worries about losing or breaking your phone are over, your BioBeasts game data will be safe. This was a highly requested and anticipated feature, though it came bundled with »

Vote for the NEW BioBeast

You can't complain if you don't vote! It's so easy, even a Sneevil can do it! Take the time now and decide the AQW themed BioBeast! Thank you to all our players for voting! We have ended this poll. Please read here for the final poll results! --> http://biobeasts. »

BioBeasts Enemy List

Before you go into combat, know your enemy! This is a summarized list of the most common robotic enemies you'll encounter in the game BioBeasts. The descriptions are written in such a way to offer subtle hints in best methods on how deactivate them. It is recommended to do your »

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year BioBeasts! Make any interesting New Year's resolutions? Here at Artix Entertainment, the last year's resolution was to learn new technology and make awesome games! BioBeasts was definitely a part of that company-wide effort. Looking back a year ago, so much has changed and we learned a ton! »

Join BioBeasts Beta

Please complete the BioBeasts beta signup form below, if it does not load, use this direct link: Loading... Thanks for joining us along this creative journey! We are always adding new and interesting things to read and see. Remember to follow us on Twitter and »

BioBeasts Alpha

Alpha Feedback We are happy to announce BioBeasts early alpha testing started this week! Currently there are 30 people on the alpha test team, which for now is restricted to AE mods, AE testers, forum AK's and ED staff. We really appreciate all the feedback we've been getting, especially on »

AE at DragonCon 2015

Artix Entertainment at DragonCon 2015 Are you going to be near Atlanta Georgia this weekend? If so, Join Cysero and Artix as they host Artix Entertainment's 2015 DragonCon Panel! It is always a blast... ask anyone who has ever been to one. This year we will be focusing on AdventureQuest »

BioBeasts In-House Testing

Greetings interwebs! We would like to kick off this week with our notes we received from the in-house testing we had on monday. So what does "in-house" testing mean?' In-house is a term which really should mean in-office. Or for the gamer savvy, super early Alpha. ( Pre-Alpha maybe? ) Anywho, »

Designing the Final Boss

In the early days of gaming, particularly on arcade systems, your high score was your primary motivator to keep playing and mastering your skills. Earning the highest score meant you had all the bragging rights and fame associated with it, well... until some punk took away your crown. It wasn't »