Animation Domination

Greetings! It's been a busy week here in the AE underground lab. We've focused on addressing a number of performance issues early on regarding memory and map load times. As we add more content to the game, keeping the code clean from here on out is critical. While megabytes and »

Creating a mobile video game trailer

We’ve been doing quite a bit of research on successful mobile video trailers as we start focusing on the final pieces of the BioBeasts project, a task we know will take quite a bit of time to create and is extremely important. Our team is pretty tied up in »

BioBeasts on Enemy Game Design

How we chose the enemy theme: We've talked about beasts, but who or what are the beasts fighting? It's an important question we needed to address early on. It became clear going with an enemy robotic theme allowed us to get away with more in terms of what can be »