iOS Woes

I'd like to address a very frustrating problem that has emerged in BioBeasts' shop for iOS users as of the last update. If you just downloaded the new update and checked out the store, you'll be greeted with this tantalizing new bundle! Looks great, right? Time to buy! Whoops! What »

BioBeasts Haunted Bundle NOW LIVE!

The latest update for BioBeasts, including the limited-time Haunted Bundle is NOW LIVE! Install it now to experience a wealth of new features, content and improvements to make this evolution of BioBeasts the best one yet! Features Haunted Bundle Contains: 1 Quantum Crate 10,000 BioBits Exclusive Haunted Hazard Skin »

Nuclear Bundle Leaving Soon!

BioBeasts Has Evolved! The hit mobile action game BioBeasts is bigger and better than ever! Our new update adds tons of new Mutations, skins, and more to help you destroy your robotic foes! Get the Nuclear Bundle before It’s Gone! In our upcoming 1.5.3 update, BioBeasts will »

Carnax Jr. Comes to BioBeasts!

Apparently, when Alydriah's goons ventured into Lore and harvested its ferocious fauna, they brought back something big, ancient, and immensely powerful...or at least enough of it to make a miniaturized clone to study: Carnax, Jr.! Again, the other classic monsters in the poll aren't excluded from ever appearing in »

A New Test Subject Arrives!

During the first brainstorming sessions, BioBeasts was conceived as a very simple game. One beast, 2-3 enemy types, no mutations or special powers. Such a game probably would have taken 3 months, but who would want to play that game? We knew early on that for BioBeasts to succeed, it »


After many months of planning, development, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and coffee tears, BioBeasts is LIVE on Android and iOS! Download and start smashing some bots NOW: Artix Entertainment and the BioBeasts team needs your support at this moment more than we ever have before! If you download and like »

BioBeasts Launch Date

After several months of rigorous development, BioBeasts is finally ready to erupt from its containment cell at the Underground Lab and escape to the iOS and Android App stores! We’re extremely excited and proud to officially announce the launch date: OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Woah! Woah! »

BioBeasts Beta

BioBeasts Beta UI Update BioBeasts Beta is nearly here! If you haven't signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible to secure a place in line for a Beta invite! We've been extremely busy these past few weeks tweaking and polishing the main game interface we're referring to »

Undead Assault is now LIVE!

Congratulations to Kraken and the entire Undead Assault team on the launch of Artix Entertainment's latest game! Get it now on the app store today and take on hoards of the undead! Please help us make Undead Assault a huge success by spreading the word and giving »

Show and Tell

Summer is nearly gone and the BioBeasts launch date is rushing ever closer. We're continuing to refine and test the game so this blog will steer more towards screenshots and video from the latest builds. We can post paragraphs about the current status of BioBeasts and some of the development »

Runway to Release!

We're currently in an in-house testing phase so we've been working tirelessly to complete the game to release it for iOS and Android platforms. Look for more gameplay videos and previews next week as our testing efforts intensify. We're working especially hard on polish because, unlike our browser products, we »

The Difference a Frame Makes

A single frame can make all the difference, especially when it is strongly tied to gameplay. The first Beast added to BioBeasts, the classic Bio Hazard, has a very quick swipe attack that plays quickly and inflicts damage rapidly. The player can interrupt the animation by continually pressing the attack »

The Salamancer Cometh

Hey there! Here's a quick preview of some of the other beasts you can control in BioBeasts. We want every beast to have a slightly different play style so a major goal of our designs is to make every beast distinctive. To that end, we asked the AdventureQuest Worlds artist »