iOS Woes

I'd like to address a very frustrating problem that has emerged in BioBeasts' shop for iOS users as of the last update. If you just downloaded »

BioBeasts Haunted Bundle NOW LIVE!

The latest update for BioBeasts, including the limited-time Haunted Bundle is NOW LIVE! Install it now to experience a wealth of new features, content and improvements »

Nuclear Bundle Leaving Soon!

BioBeasts Has Evolved! The hit mobile action game BioBeasts is bigger and better than ever! Our new update adds tons of new Mutations, skins, and more »

Carnax Jr. Comes to BioBeasts!

Apparently, when Alydriah's goons ventured into Lore and harvested its ferocious fauna, they brought back something big, ancient, and immensely powerful...or at least enough of »

A New Test Subject Arrives!

During the first brainstorming sessions, BioBeasts was conceived as a very simple game. One beast, 2-3 enemy types, no mutations or special powers. Such a game »