All Hands on Deck

In the wake of E3, it's very clear that competition for attention in the game industry is fiercer than ever. Game development is a process rife with uncertainty so we're doing everything in our power to help stack the odds in our favor. With all the projects new and old »

Level Up!

In an earlier post, we discussed environment design in BioBeasts, and now we're pleased to show off our progress so far and walk you through what's involved in bringing an environment to life. First, we start with a concept. This painting by Charfade was based on a quadratic color scheme »

BioBeasts on Enemy Design 2

In a previous post we discussed enemy design in BioBeasts, but there's still much more ground to cover. At that point, our enemy behaviors were relatively simple; enemies would run towards you and attack. The difficulty variables were limited to the enemy health, speed, and spawn rates. Now enemies are »

BioBeasts Environment Design

One challenge of BioBeasts is adding variety to what is essentially an "X" layout. BioBeasts takes place inside a research facility as your character breaks from its containment cell. Throughout the game, you will journey through the facility to your eventual sweet, sweet escape to freedom. The first screen is »

In The Beginning...

...there was nothing. And then, there was a game! That's the game development process for many people. Few realize how much pre-planning can go into an average project. Everything, from the menus, to the characters, to the font, must be designed. That design needs to have cohesion if all of »

Mobile Logo Laboratory

Before I get into the tender meat of this post, I'd like you to walk with me for a moment down memory lane. One of the hardest parts of creating a new product is giving it a name, a task made even more complicated by the fact that that name »

BioBeasts FAQ

Q: What is BioBeasts? A: See our announcement post here! Q: Why BioBeasts? A: For our first mobile project, we felt it was crucial to use a character people could recognize from EpicDuel while retaining the same spirit of battle and progression. At first, we thought of having a human »