Runway to Release!

We're currently in an in-house testing phase so we've been working tirelessly to complete the game to release it for iOS and Android platforms. Look for »

The Difference a Frame Makes

A single frame can make all the difference, especially when it is strongly tied to gameplay. The first Beast added to BioBeasts, the classic Bio Hazard, »

The Salamancer Cometh

Hey there! Here's a quick preview of some of the other beasts you can control in BioBeasts. We want every beast to have a slightly different »

All Hands on Deck

In the wake of E3, it's very clear that competition for attention in the game industry is fiercer than ever. Game development is a process rife »

Level Up!

In an earlier post, we discussed environment design in BioBeasts, and now we're pleased to show off our progress so far and walk you through what's »