Frost King and Patch Notes - 1.5.5

Features Frost King Bundle: Includes exclusive Frost King Hazard skin Quantum Crate 10k BioBits Changes Updated app icon for winter! Yeti Cold Snap - Will now refreeze enemies after a short duration Radius slightly decreased (4.3m → 4.2m) to avoid enemies being frozen outside attack range Health bots will »

Patch Notes - 1.5.4

Features Escape Highlights A short clip of an awesome moment will automatically be recorded during your escape You can view, edit and share the clip at the end of your run through Unity Everyplay Changes Blood Boil Now increases damage by 10-40 for each point of Health you are currently »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.3

Features Haunted Bundle Contains: 1 Quantum Crate 10,000 BioBits Exclusive Haunted Hazard Skin New Frogzard Beast Unleash your Megabite attack to annihilate everything in front of you! Epicenter Mutation - Critical attacks create stunning earthquake waves New Skins to Collect Shadow Kartherax Venomous Mantis Shadow Salamancer Venomous Salamancer Magmazard »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.1

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Show device notification when crate is unlocked, or if you forget to start unlocking a crate. Notifications can be turned off from the settings menu (if you hate fun). Changes Improved Nuclear Bundle code generation. If you own the bundle and did not »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.0

Download for Android Download for iOS Note: We quietly released an update to the Android version of the game a little while ago. After reviewing feedback we made a number of changes to the game. Those changes are listed at the end. Features Mutations Crates: Obtain 10 Batteries by clearing »

Patch Notes - 1.4.0

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Cloud Saving Use Facebook to save and load your data, protecting against lost/broken phones and allowing you to easily play on multiple devices. Saves transfer seamlessly across iOS and Android. Go to Options, use Facebook to connect, then Save or Load your »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.3.29

Download for Android Download for iOS Features Beast animation revamp We’ve moved to a new animation system for all the beasts, greatly smoothing out their animations and leading the way for some interesting stuff in the future. It also reduces their filesize/memory usage by up to 75%. New »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.2.27

Download for Android Download for iOS Note: Android is currently rolling out, iOS is still waiting on approval. Will update when all platforms are live. Features New Beast: Carnax Jr. Stop the bots around you in time using a Stasis field, then blast them down with powerful Chaos Beams! Survival »

Update 1.1.25 Live on iOS

We've been approved by Apple and pushed the newest update live. You can find the patch notes here. Go catch up to everyone on Android, and stay tuned for news about what we're working on next! Download for Android Download for iOS »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.1.25

Download for Android Download for iOS ~Features~ New Beast: Toxic Mantis Beast Power - Build a combo to spawn eggs, then unleash them down every lane for maximum destruction! New Mutations Overload Blast - At Max Health: Hitting enemies launches ranged plasma, dealing damage. Win Button - On Health Loss: »

Randomness and Discovery

Consistent Discovery One of our earliest posts briefly mentioned our design pillars, those ideas that would provide goalposts for the game. One of our pillars is "Consistent Discovery." We want players to always find new experiences through a variety of means. One way we decided to capture this was through »

BioBeasts Official Announcement!

What is BioBeasts? BioBeasts is a free, single-player arcade-survival game for mobile devices where you control a mutating beast, fighting to escape from a robot-controlled laboratory. It's the newest game in development at Artix Entertainment, designed primarily by the EpicDuel team. You will control a variety of beasts as they »