BioBeasts Postmortem

A year reflection on our first mobile game project Our four-person team launched BioBeasts roughly one year ago in January of 2016 and it’s time to update everyone on the state of the game. We truly appreciate the patience and support you’ve shown as we took time away »

BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.2

Features Challenge Prestige and Better Rewards Every 5th rank, earn an Elite crate Every 25th rank, earn a Nuclear crate Every 100 ranks, earn a Quantum crate and a prestige rank Leaderboards still track your total rank Revive You can now revive your beast to full health once per escape »

Our Biggest BioBeasts Update EVER!

What is BioBeasts?! BioBeasts is a new game for Android and iOS where you take control of powerful mutant beasts and battle through waves of robots, laboratory defenses, and hulking bosses. Claw, bite, blast, and mutate your way to freedom while freeing new beasts with unique powers! Unlock and upgrade »

BioBeasts 1.5.0 Coming Soon!

Soon we'll officially reveal details of the next major update to BioBeasts! Version 1.5.0 will launch within the next few weeks on both Android and iOS and it introduces loads of exciting new improvements and changes to the game so stay tuned! If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, »

Join the BioBeasts Test Team!

Want to be the first to test out new features and content in BioBeasts? Sign up below to join the BioBeasts tester team! As an official BioBeasts tester you'll gain access to the very latest release of BioBeasts days before the update goes live to the app stores! Complete the »

Help Share BioBeasts

Did you know you can dedicate your social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple: Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign on ThunderClap Select which social platforms you want to dedicate to the BioBeasts launch: When the game is ready, we'll smash the GO button »

BioBeasts Launch Plan

I wanted to update everyone on where things stand with BioBeasts development, including an update on EpicDuel, the AQ3D KickStarter and our plans through January 2016. We appreciate the patience many of you have shown as our team makes the transition into the mobile gaming world. I'll reiterate that this »

2D Background Performance in Unity

Our alpha testers helped us discover that some of our maps performed worse than others in terms of frame rate. In BioBeasts it's essential that we maintain a high frame rate since the game requires rapid input from the user. Any delay in responsiveness and the controls start to feel »

#MyBioBeast Contest Winners

After scouring through hundreds of entries we are thrilled to officially announce the winners of our #MyBioBeast competition. The winners were chosen based on creativity, technical skill, and general enthusiasm for BioBeasts. Although we were impressed by the artistic abilities on display, we also carefully considered interesting or funny concepts »

Unity 2D Texture Optimization

The Problem In the most recent BioBeasts Alpha test, several of the staff reported lag and slow performance. Given that BioBeasts is supposed to be a fast-paced action-arcade game, even a 5-10ms lag can cause a player to get smashed by the robots. This is BAD NEWS BEASTS and we »

Author image Titan

#MyBioBeast Contest Official Rules

Are you excited about BioBeasts? Would you like to win 10,000 Artix Points? The Contest: No purchase necessary, simply answer the following question on Twitter: "If you were a BioBeast, held captive by an army of robotic guards, what special power, mutation, weapon, tool, gadget, or otherwise would you »

Author image Titan

BioBeasts Alpha Test

Watch Titan and Charfade test out a recent build of BioBeasts in the Unity Editor: Tell us what you like, what you would change, and what you hope BioBeasts will be! We still have a good bit of polish and gameplay improvements to add to stay tuned for more updates. »

Unity Memory Management in 2D

While we're new to mobile development, we've learned quite a bit already about how to improve memory usage on devices. This is a MAJOR issue in the mobile arena as many older devices have very limited available memory. Exceed the memory available on the device or ignore a memory leak »