EpicRandom.cs for our #UnityTips Friends

So I've been tweeting out helpful tips to the Unity developer community with the tag #UnityTips to share useful tidbits I've learned over the past few months dabbling with C# and Unity. Today we got a retweet from Unity @Unity3D. Several people commented asking what is the EpicRandom code class »

Dev Process: Order More Stickies Please!

When will BioBeasts launch?! When can I play it on my Android, iPhone, Tablet, Beeper, Gateway 2000, and PalmPilot? Great question! We actually get this question all time and in the past we've screwed up BIG TIME on the answer. It's definitely fair to say that Artix Entertainment as a »


So why did we choose Unity as the platform for BioBeasts? Given how different the platforms are, this is actually a great question. Until recently, Artix Entertainment had developed 100% of its products with Adobe Flash. Flash was an excellent platform; in fact, a few years ago, Adobe boasted that »