Help Share BioBeasts

Did you know you can dedicate your social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple: Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign »

BioBeasts Launch Plan

I wanted to update everyone on where things stand with BioBeasts development, including an update on EpicDuel, the AQ3D KickStarter and our plans through January 2016. »

2D Background Performance in Unity

Our alpha testers helped us discover that some of our maps performed worse than others in terms of frame rate. In BioBeasts it's essential that we »

#MyBioBeast Contest Winners

After scouring through hundreds of entries we are thrilled to officially announce the winners of our #MyBioBeast competition. The winners were chosen based on creativity, technical »

Unity 2D Texture Optimization

The Problem In the most recent BioBeasts Alpha test, several of the staff reported lag and slow performance. Given that BioBeasts is supposed to be a »