BioBeasts Alpha

Alpha Feedback

We are happy to announce BioBeasts early alpha testing started this week! Currently there are 30 people on the alpha test team, which for now is restricted to AE mods, AE testers, forum AK's and ED staff.

We really appreciate all the feedback we've been getting, especially on balancing the difficulty of the game. Since we've been working on BioBeasts for several months, having a fresh set of eyes has been helpful. With the new input from our testers, we plan to make improvements that will increase the clarity and amp up the fun for new players.

First Reactions

Until now we've been doing all of the talking, Last week we opened up testing to a small group of testers and asked what they think about BioBeasts so far. Here are their thoughts to share with you:

Sayn - "I love the artwork and animations for all of the BioBeasts so far! I enjoy how we not only get to choose out upgrade path, but the skills that we earn per level is randomized- leading to a different experience every time. And not to mention the enemies with all sorts of different powers which leads to completely different strategies! The only thing however that seems a bit buggy is the lag when switching in between different upgrades."

Therril Oreb - "My impression of the game is that it is a fun pro-active game that is part luck and part skill. The different enemies are diverse and each give their own reason to hate them and the mutations allow for some interesting possibilities that make every game a different experience up to some degree.."

Mecha Mario - "Graphics, levels, beasts and game-play are looking great so far! Best part is that its F2P, so you're not forced to purchase! Pay with your time, or pay to get an edge much quicker is a great concept."

Sparhawk AE - "This is not a game for the weak of thumb. You will be challenged. Graphics, sound and game-play are some of the best to come out of AE so far. Blows existing mobile games out of the water. Really looking forward to where this goes and what comes next. Battle on!."

J6 - "Artwork? Biotiful. This game is the beast.."

Shadowhunt - "A fun little game that ramps up the intensity and fun level very quickly. The random mutations means you never know what the next round will be like and the experience is never the same. There's no way to fully plan and strategize, so you've got to mutate your own battle plans each round. The diverse enemies means you've got to keep track of several things, such as which ones need to take priority and what to target when. Different beasts with different strengths and weaknesses leads to different playstyles and there is bound to be one to suit your preferences. Overall, a great game for the quick break between classes or waiting in line. If your friends see you furiously tapping your screen, you're either playing AQ: Dragons or BioBeasts!."

Improvement Time

With fresh eyes and new input from our larger pool of Alpha testers, we've identified a few common problems.

Our next step will be to address these issues and push out an update to our testing team to determine if the changes address the concerns. This will be an iterative process with each update hopefully moving us closer to a polished product.

The main issues we need to focus on at this point are clarity, gameplay performance (including CPU spikes that result in lag, overheating, and battery life problems), content completion, difficulty balance, and the economy (including the rate at which you'll earn BioBits, and the pricing of Beasts, Mutations, and Serums). All of which we will be addressing in the coming weeks.

Want to get in and help us test? If you haven't already joined the BioBeasts BETA, please enter your email address in the text feild on the BioBeasts homepage. Some lucky entries might even be invited to join in our next BioBeasts ALPHA release!


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