BioBeasts, Batteries, and Bountiful Crates!

Introducing Batteries!

Coming to BioBeasts v1.5.0 are batteries. Batteries will function like a secondary currency, earned after completing each wave. Defeating the final boss earns a special bonus of 2 Batteries, meaning it's possible to earn up to 10 Batteries on any Normal, Hard, or Insane run. The main reason for introducing Batteries is that we wanted to give the players more incentives for making progress in the game. Batteries are also used by Plink to warp in Mutation-filled Crates, helping you power up your beasts!

Loot Incoming!

Inside the Mutation Lab you can put those Batteries to good use! The energy from 10 Batteries is required to warp in new Crates filled with Battle Mutations, Beast Mutations, and Beast Skins!

After Plink warps in a Crate, it must be scanned before opening. You can bypass this process with BioBits. Plink can also find you Free Crates which do not require Batteries, but do need 8 hours to scan before opening. This gives you a great reason to check back on BioBeasts, even if you don't have time to play a few waves!

*It's important to note that the new Free Crate replaces the old daily login incentive.

What's Inside?

Each Crate is guaranteed to contain some kind of loot inside, however, not all Crates are created equally. The contents depend on the Crate's structural composition. Iron Crates and Steel Crates, being the most basic, hold the least amount. Occasionally, Plink will get lucky and warp in a more luxurious crate like a Nuclear or Quantum, which are guaranteed to contain Rare Mutations! Below is the breakdown of what you can expect from each type of Crate. Since we are still testing, these numbers can change between now and the final release.

Iron Crate Only seen in the Tutorial of the game, this Crate has the same capacity as the Steel Crate with 8 Mutations inside, but the scanning process is very fast.

Free Crate Plink will find you a new Free Crate every 8 hours. Free Crates contain 15 Mutations.

Steel Crate This most common Crate yields 8 Mutations.

Reinforced Crate 8 Mutations, including at least 1 Rare.

Elite Crate 30 Mutations, including at least 3 Rare.

Nuclear Crate 70 Mutations, including 7 Rare and 1 Ultra.

Quantum Crate 250 Mutations, including 25 Rare, 5 Ultra, and 1 Epic.

Duplicate Mutations will be collected and used for upgrading! If the Mutation you would have earned is already maxed-out, you will receive BioBits instead.

If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, you can download the app here:

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Thank you!

Once again thank you for joining us along this creative journey! We couldn't have done this with out your support! We plan to always add new and interesting things to read here on our dev blog. Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for latest updates!

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