BioBeasts Beta

BioBeasts Beta UI Update

BioBeasts Beta is nearly here! If you haven't signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible to secure a place in line for a Beta invite!

We've been extremely busy these past few weeks tweaking and polishing the main game interface we're referring to in-house as the "Beast Hub." From here, you can access every part of the game, including beasts select, performance data, the mutation shop, currency shop, settings, and difficulty select.

As you can see, we currently have 5 beasts online, with placeholders for 2 more on this interface. It could, potentially, be expanded to a scrolling interface to accomodate a virtually unlimited number of beasts to choose from.

Beta players will have firsthand experience tearing through legions of robots with our current roster of beasts.For those who haven't been lucky enough to test the game yet, these are some previews of the awesome powers the beasts possess!

Bionic Bunny Special Attack

The Bionic Bunny's Beast Power uses a blast of steam to knock back incoming robots, leaving them vulnerable to an onslaught of robotic fist attacks!

**Baby Yeti Special Attack**

The Baby Yeti unleashes a frosty chill upon the battlefield, freezing nearby robots and making them vulnerable to even light damage.

**Kartherax Special Attack** Kartherax uses his arcane powers to create a letahl vortex that sucks bots into its gravitation pull before violently collapsing and throwing the survivors back.
**Bot Buddy**

We felt it would be important in BioBeasts to have a helpful guide to initiate you into the world.

This story with this little guy is that he's a robot formerly tasked with tending to the captured beasts who has witnessed the cruelty of the facility and no longer wishes to be a part of it. To that end, he's willing to lend a friendly hand (or whatever hand equivalent he has) to help poor, tortured BioBeasts escape the loathesome lab.

What should we call this fellah? My vote is Tootz the Tutorial Bot, but that was the result of 3 seconds of brainstorming. I'm sure you and your collective creativity can conjure something much better! Let us know down below in the comments!