BioBeasts Launch Plan

I wanted to update everyone on where things stand with BioBeasts development, including an update on EpicDuel, the AQ3D KickStarter and our plans through January 2016.

We appreciate the patience many of you have shown as our team makes the transition into the mobile gaming world. I'll reiterate that this transition was necessary given the industry shift toward mobile. Artix Entertainment and the BioBeasts team needs your support at this moment more than we ever have before!

BioBeasts Free to Play Mobile Game for iOS and Android

Several important things are happening at Artix over the next few weeks that will directly affect BioBeasts, here is what's happening now and what's coming soon:

Important Dates

Why is Artix on KickStarter?

In addition to BioBeasts, Artix Entertainment has been developing a larger scope cross-platform 3D mmorpg called AdventureQuest 3D (AQ3D). What they've built so far is really impressive. You can follow development progress at [](" target="_blank).

The company wants to release a high quality product with plenty of content, and while the game engine is coming together nicely, the AQ3D team needs your help to finish the creation of more awesome content! If you would like to support the game, [Support AQ3D on KickStarter](" target="_blank) now. There are tons of great rewards for becoming a backer so don't miss out!

IMPORTANT - Remember, Artix is super-focused on the KickStarter campaign right now, so until the project is funded, BioBeasts won't have the spotlight. We need the company to reach this target as fast as possible so BioBeasts can be properly promoted before year end.
AdventureQuest 3D

BioBeasts Remaining To Do List

The final stickies are on the wall! (if you don't understand this reference checkout [BioBeasts Dev Process](" target="_blank)). Anyway, here is a list of the remaining tasks we would like to complete before BioBeasts goes live on Android and iOS.

  • Fix bugs
  • Performance issues related to Unity 5.3
  • Minor enemy bugs
  • Minor saving issues
  • Device stability
  • Finish User Interface
  • Polish Game Over screen
  • Add indicator when all difficulties completed for a Beast
  • Improve splash screen
  • Add 'Scrap' icon next to score to improve clarity
  • Update shop to more clearly indicate ownership of 2X BioBits Multiplier
  • Polish Tutorial
  • Ensure clarity in every tutorial step
  • Add a daily play reward popup
  • Finalize numbers for difficulty, balance, and pricing
  • Complete marketing assets
  • Finish app store preview video
  • Assemble marketing kit to share with YouTubers, bloggers, players, etc.
  • Write press release
  • Android Specific Improvements
  • Test Unity 5.3 performance on more devices
  • iOS Specific Improvements
  • Improve asset compression
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Test Apple and Google purchase platforms
  • Test Ad integration via Unity Ads
  • Test Analytics via Unity Analytics
  • Release the BioBeasts!

BioBeasts Free Mobile Game

BioBeasts Feature Roadmap

There are several features we hope to add to BioBeasts post-launch, and our Beta testers have been offering up great new ideas everyday in the tester G+ community. Here are some ideas we've heard from the community that we're considering for future BioBeasts updates:

  • Endless Mode
  • Social Leaderboards
  • Beast Challenges
  • examples: Kill 100 Heavy Guards, Complete Normal mode without your Beast Power, Complete 5 waves without taking damage, etc.
  • Beast Upgrades
  • Invest in your Beasts to permanently improve them
  • NEW Beasts
  • NEW Mutations
  • NEW Enemy Types

BioBeasts Needs Your Help!

If you're wondering 'How can I help BioBeasts succeed?' you've come to the right place. We need you more than ever right NOW. Here are things you can do today that will immediately help the game:

  1. [Support the AQ3D KickStarter](" target="_blank)
    (Artix is super-focused on this campaign right now, so until the goal of $200k is reached, BioBeasts won't have the spotlight. We need to hit the target as fast as possible so BioBeasts can launch before year end)

  2. Sign Up as a [BioBeasts Beta Tester](" target="_blank)

  3. Follow us on all Social Media outlets and share BioBeasts with your friends
    [Facebook](" target="_blank)

    [Twitter](" target="_blank)

    [Google+](" target="_blank)

    [YouTube](" target="_blank)

  4. Tell your friends about the BioBeasts and our upcoming launch!

  5. Print / Share posters and postcards at your school, community center, or work place.
    [Download - Poster Wide 18x12" (PDF)](" target="_blank)

    [Download - Poster Tall 8.5x11" (PDF)](" target="_blank)

    [Download - Postcard Front (PDF)](" target="_blank)

    [Download - Postcard Back (PDF)](" target="_blank)

  6. If you've already joined the Beta, post pictures or videos online playing BioBeasts! We love to see them and we'll do our best to retweet your posts.

  7. Tell your favorite communities, YouTubers, bloggers, streamers that you're excited about our upcoming launch!

If you have other ideas about how we can tell the world about BioBeasts, please sure to share them in the comments below. I'll do my best to personally recognize players that go above and beyond to help get the word out there!