BioBeasts Enemy List

Before you go into combat, know your enemy! This is a summarized list of the most common robotic enemies you'll encounter in the game BioBeasts.

The descriptions are written in such a way to offer subtle hints in best methods on how deactivate them. It is recommended to do your own experimentation with mutations given to you by Plink as some of them will help you more then others.

Need more assistance? Check out BioBeasts Help page.

####**Scientist Guard**
![](/content/images/2016/01/BioBeasts-Scientist.png) The first enemy encountered may look like a number-crunching nerd in a dorky costume at first, but interrupt his tablet time and he’ll brandish an assault rifle capable of downing the toughest beasts.
####**Basic Lab Guard**
![](/content/images/2016/01/BioBeasts-Guard-1.png) This is your standard-issue guard modeled after the Fortune City guards in EpicDuel. Armed with stun batons and zero concern for personal safety, these lowly drones swarm escaping beasts en masses to overwhelm with sheer numbers. The Basic Laboratory Guard does Melee Damage and has Low Health.

Heavy Lab Guard

The beefier version of the basic Laboratory Guard, these brutes move slow but pack a big punch. Their wrist-mounted claws can cut through just about anything and their thick armor allows them to withstand many beast attacks before succumbing. They often accompany squads of Laboratory Guards, confusing the escaping beasts and making them easier to overwhelm. The Heavy Laboratory Guard does High Damage and has High Health.

K9 Robot

Normally dogs come in to rescue you, but the k9 Robot is no friend and will offer no relief. He is designed to pause on approach to lure unaware beasts into attacking early. His swip is fast and strong but takes time to recover allowing the beast to address the situation.

Jetpack Drop-in Guard

You thought this was a 2D game with some 3D graphics? Well this guy got a surprise for you as it flies straight for your face. Be ever watchful if they are in the vicinity as they appear out of nowhere and most likely when you are busy fighting another big boy!

Jetpack Drop-in Projectile

Ok, who gave the jetpack guard a paint job and a noob tube? These sneaky bots drop in unannounced to unleash fiery explosive death from a distance. Luckily, they have poor self-preservation and march toward you while they reload. Silly noobs.

Brain Teleporter

Because nuts and bolts can only get you so far, sometimes you need a little brawn to get you further. At least that was the idea behind this mechanical cyborg hybrid. It has yet to be documented where the briain's have been farmed from, but what we do know the brain did come from a subject with the ability to teleport.


Sometimes, when precision fails, more brutal techniques are required to subdue a beast. The Monkakazi will scuttle across the laboratory floors to deliver high explosions to unsuspecting escapees. They are extremely quick, but have low health.

Cyber Samurai

Fallen warriors from a pious region of Delta V, these Cyber Samurai are invulnerable and invisible until it passes-through the beast, then materializes to attack.


Never been a fan of bugs? Too bad, this one is coming straight for you. Worst part is, when killed, it splits into numerous new ones!

Pillbug Mini

One bug is bad. Two bugs are worse. A legion of it is just one bug NOPE on the NOPE train to Never Again Ville! Coming straight from the Pillbug to your face!

Range Robot

Think you are fierce and strong? Swiping those enemies away? This one is smart and slowly crawls towards you as it shoots fireballs towards you. Have fun deflecting the oncoming bullet storm!


Designed to the be the ultimate robot for capturing escaping beasts, the manta is heavily armored and resistant to all but the strongest of knockbacks. While slow on the approach Mantas will overwhelm their target at close range due to their ability to withstand a flurry of attacks and deal massive damage.

Lance Guard

When the basic and heavy guards fail to do their jobs, the lance guard is called in for reinforcements. These dashing drones know how to reach and a tough a beast. They are known for charging through his foes in order to confuse them to make up for his weaker armor than the heavy guards.

Chopper Bot

You spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby oh for the love of… Kill it before it starts flying around you and attack you in the back!


You have seen the terminators. They just keep getting back up and want a piece of you. These guys are just like that. You hit them and they get straight back up. Enjoy the bashing!


Tick...tick… when placed in front of you, you better push it away from you before it explodes in your face!

#Non-Enemies Support

Health Bot

Not everything that runs at you is meant to capture you! Every now and then Plink will send an order to give you an extra health boost. This bot will run in quickly for lucky swipe!