BioBeasts Nuclear Bundle Guide

BioBeasts 1.5.0 contains many new, interesting features. One of the highlights is the new Nuclear Bundle, which contains 10,000 BioBits, a Nuclear Crate packed with Mutations, the Radioactive Skin for the BioHazard AND exclusive items in AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel!

To access this new bundle, you'll need to first install and open the latest version of BioBeasts. If you have an old version, please upgrade or this tutorial will be REALLY confusing for you!

Once you're in the game, you'll be treated to a new tutorial explaining BioBeasts' new Battery and Crate systems. After the tutorial, you'll eventually arrive at the newly redesigned Beast Hub! There are several new additions, but for now you're interested in the new Currency Shop! Tap the shopping cart button in the bottom right corner of your device to access the shop.

The first thing you'll notice is a giant Nuclear Bundle graphic! If you want to buy it, tap the price and follow the usual payment process for your platform of choice. If you didn't know, you will need an internet or cellular connection to complete this transaction.

If your purchase is successful you'll be presented with a popup providing you with a prize claim code and two gigantic prize claim buttons for AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel.

Buying the bundle gives you access to prizes in BOTH games so don't worry about having to chose one or the other. You can always tap the package graphic again to reopen this popup. Tap the "Claim Bonus Prize in AdventureQuest Worlds" to proceed with the process. To claim the EpicDuel prize, skip ahead in this tutorial.

AdventureQuest Worlds Prize Claim Flow:

If you select the AdventureQuest Worlds claim button you'll be taken to a prize claim webpage. Tap the "login" button.

Enter your AdventureQuest Worlds login info.

If you entered your info correctly, you will see a prize code. Submit the code to receive an achievement for that character. This achievement will open a shop in AdventureQuest Worlds.

The next steps should be completed on a PC. If your mobile device still has Flash capabilities, it may work, but a PC is a safer option.

Login to AdventureQuest Worlds using the same login information you used earlier to get the prize code.

Once you're in game, click the Book of Lore icon in the lower right portion of the interface.

Click the "Badges" banner in the middle of the book.

Click the "Other Badges" banner.

Cycle through the achievement icons until you find the Radioactive BioBeast achievement. Once you find it, click on it, then click the Shop button.

The button will open a shop containing two exclusive items: the Radioactive BioBeast Morph...

...and the Radioactive BioBeast Helm.

Equip both of these to become the envy of all your fellow players! Make sure they keep their distance, though. That radiation is potent!

EpicDuel Prize Claim Flow:

To claim the prize in EpicDuel, reopen the BioBeasts application on your mobile device. Returning to the Shop and tapping the Nuclear Bundle should reveal the prize claim buttons once again. You do not have to claim these prizes in any order.

Once the popup is open, tap the "Claim Bonus Prize in EpicDuel" button.

This button will take you to the BattleOn Master Account Portal. Login with your EpicDuel Master Account to proceed.

Next, select the account on which you intend to add your prize item, then select the character you wish to receive the item.

Success! You did it! To see and equip your prize, login to EpicDuel and choose the character on which you added the prize. The Radioactive Baby Hazard should be sitting in your inventory under your vehicle category.

Enjoy your new beastly form!

Thanks for supporting BioBeasts and our family of Artix Entertainment games!