BioBeasts on Enemy Design 2

In a previous post we discussed enemy design in BioBeasts, but there's still much more ground to cover. At that point, our enemy behaviors were relatively simple; enemies would run towards you and attack. The difficulty variables were limited to the enemy health, speed, and spawn rates. Now enemies are finally getting interesting.

We've reached a point in development in which we can create enemy behaviors much more quickly than we can create the art for the different enemies. Since BioBeasts is designed to be a fast-paced game, we feel it is crucial that all enemies are easily recognizable at a glace so the player can take quick action.

To help supplement our content team, we've enlisted the help of other AE artists including Thyton, Dage, and, most recently, Memet.

The robotic ray above was created as a simple pencil sketch by Thyton, which he proceeded to color and vectorize. We then took this vectorization and finished the rendering process in the BioBeasts style. Now, it's a large, intimidating enemy that must be dispatched quickly lest it unsheathe its deadly blades.

In this sprint we'll have created several new powerful and unpredictable enemies, including a lance-wielding guardian than can charge your beast from across the map, a mechanized canine that baits you into attacking, only to pounce when you least expect it, and a cybernetic ninja that can only be attacked when it emerges from the shadows to attack. Still to come are enemies that can fly, warp, and even counterattack your most aggressive maneuvers!

Every week we continue to add diversity to gameplay, making BioBeasts more strategic, challenging, and fun! Our idea list is a mile long, but we're sure you've got your own unique ideas. What kinds of enemies or enemy behaviors would you like to see in the finished game?