BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.3.29

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Beast animation revamp
  • We’ve moved to a new animation system for all the beasts, greatly smoothing out their animations and leading the way for some interesting stuff in the future. It also reduces their filesize/memory usage by up to 75%.
New Mutation: Healthy Hearts
  • Effect: Max Health +2
  • Max Level: 1
  • Tier: Advanced
  • Six new types of Challenges
  • Challenge Rank leaderboard
  • Can now be completed after each wave, instead of only on Escape/Capture
  • Insane Challenges now worth an extra star
  • Challenge toasts will now be queued and play in order when completing multiple Challenges at once


  • Bulwark
  • Since the shield activates at critical health, we want to make sure it provides a solid amount of protection, especially compared to Hallowed Bastion’s shield at the beginning of every wave.
  • Duration: 15-35 → 20-45 seconds
  • Total Rampage
  • The increased time limit was making this mutation a bit too good at granting Scrap, basically making it a requirement for top scores. By removing it and increasing the Scrap increase, it’s still super useful, but less of a must-have for the leaderboards.
  • Rampage Time Limit: 10-50% → 0%
  • Rampage Scrap Increase: 20-100% → 20-120%
  • Health Bots now spawn in early Survival waves
  • Lowered memory usage of several enemies
  • Title screen now shows a loading progress bar and will automatically load into the game when done
  • Can now pause and quit during “breakout”
  • You may now be prompted periodically to rate the game. Please do, it really helps us out!

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the display speed of Plink’s chat on certain devices (is now much faster)
  • Leaderboard on game over would sometimes never report your rank
  • [iOS] Leaderboard on game over would incorrectly display your social rank instead of global rank
  • [iOS] Fixed link to rate the game
  • Tutorial on game over could incorrectly be skipped when waiting for leaderboard rank