BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.2



Challenge Prestige and Better Rewards
  • Every 5th rank, earn an Elite crate
  • Every 25th rank, earn a Nuclear crate
  • Every 100 ranks, earn a Quantum crate and a prestige rank
  • Leaderboards still track your total rank
  • You can now revive your beast to full health once per escape
  • Option to use Biobits or watch an ad to revive
  • Not available in Survival mode
Save between waves
  • You can now save and quit an escape between waves.
  • Press play from the main menu to resume a saved game.
  • The save will be deleted after loading or starting a new escape to prevent abuse.


  • New super awesome title screen
  • Added challenge info back to loading doors
  • Duplicate Mutations with a max level of 1 (like skins) will now give 3x more Biobits: 4000 → 12000
  • Improved performance while opening Crates and viewing Mutations
  • Removed adwatch option from end of game
  • Bombs and Fist enemy are now knocked back/retreat on all damage


  • “NEW” notification sometimes incorrectly shown when opening crates
  • Time Loop could double-count escape attempt challenges

Last Chance!

  • The Nuclear Bundle promotion will be removed from BioBeasts in our next release, version 1.5.3! This is your last chance to take advantage of the package and unlock great rewards in both AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel
    Nuclear Bundle