BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.3


#Features ######Haunted Bundle * Contains: * 1 Quantum Crate * 10,000 BioBits * Exclusive Haunted Hazard Skin
New Frogzard Beast
  • Unleash your Megabite attack to annihilate everything in front of you!
  • Epicenter Mutation - Critical attacks create stunning earthquake waves
New Skins to Collect
  • Shadow Kartherax
  • Venomous Mantis
  • Shadow Salamancer
  • Venomous Salamancer
  • Magmazard
  • Can now be used multiple times per wave for increasing cost
  • Cost resets each wave
  • Strength Serum effect lowered for balance


Beasts and Mutations
  • Nova Bomb now has a 1 second cooldown
  • Burn and Poison now apply their damage in half the time to make them a bit stronger and feel better. Total damage is unchanged.
  • Salamancer’s Lava Flow deals 3x damage, down from 4x, to compensate for faster burn damage. This should still be an overall increase in damage to most enemies.
  • Improved several Mutation descriptions
  • Lowered requirement of “Destroy Health Bots in one escape” challenge
  • Lowered serums required for “Use Serum” challenges
  • Improved several Challenge descriptions
  • Nuclear Bundle is no longer available. Game codes can still be accessed at the bottom of the shop for those that have purchased the bundle.
  • Price of shop crates permanently lowered by up to 50%
  • Beast info panel now shows starting stats of each Beast
  • Serum use will now always confirm, even if you have free Serums from an early tutorial.
  • Updated Heavy Guard and Reanimator to new animation system, improving visual quality and lowering memory usage.

Bugs Fixed

  • Challenge progress was sometimes not saved if an escape ended during a wave
  • Waves could sometimes never end following a Beast revive
  • Incorrect beast could be shown when unlocking new difficulties
  • Beast health could be incorrect after resuming a save
  • Reanimator sometimes got yuuuge
  • Bionic Bunny power was not dealing correct damage to Attack Ship boss
  • "Single escape” challenge progress was being reset on save/load