BioBeasts Skins Preview

In the hotly anticipated BioBeasts v1.5.0 release you will be able to spruce up the look of existing beasts by unlocking new beast skins! This has been an eagerly anticipated and highly requested feature from players since early builds of the game, and it's one we are super excited to finally deliver to you.

Artists Blade, Arklen, Bido and Deuce have been assisting the BioBeasts team in creating an awesome assortment of new beast skins. Like Mutations, skins will have varying tiers of rarity, making it a real challenge and badge of honor to collect them all!

New Nuclear Bundle

For the first time we will also be able to offer BioBeasts promo bundles! These unique bundles will contain an exclusive skin (in this case the Radioactive Hazard ), a hefty crate full of mutations, and, for good measure, a generous amount of BioBits!

New Beast Skins!

BioBeasts v1.5.0 will launch with 10 new beast skins! These skins can be unlocked from our new Mutation Crates! Crates can be warped in with batteries (earned by completing waves) or purchased outright.

**Version 1.5.0 will be available today ONLY for our testers on Android mobile devices. **We expect iOS testing and the full live launch later this month.

To join the BioBeasts testing group, put in a request on our Google+ group page!

If you haven't tried BioBeasts yet, you can download the app here:

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Download for iOS

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