Carnax Jr. Comes to BioBeasts!

Apparently, when Alydriah's goons ventured into Lore and harvested its ferocious fauna, they brought back something big, ancient, and immensely powerful...or at least enough of it to make a miniaturized clone to study: Carnax, Jr.!

Again, the other classic monsters in the poll aren't excluded from ever appearing in BioBeasts, but Carnax Jr. WILL be in the next release.

For those not familiar with this legendary creature's history, in AdventureQuest Carnax is a giant inter-dimensional being of incredible power. If Carnax were in BioBeasts in that original incarnation, he could stomp the entire lab into oblivion. Instant 10,000 hit combo! Victory!

To balance the character for BioBeasts, we're adapting Carnax into a smaller version we're referring to as Carnax, Jr. This compact Carnax clone will possess traits of the AQ and AQW versions of the beast, complete with an incendiary eye beam and giant fists of gold and ice!

What Else?

In addition to a new beast, the next release for BioBeasts will include a new, endless gameplay mode called Survival! In this mode, you will test your skill and endurance as you shred through progressively more difficult waves of bots. This will be an excellent mode for those who've mastered Insane mode and need a new challenge! As an added bonus, you'll finally be able to compare high scores with your friends and rivals as we implement leaderboards! Titan is currently the best in the office. Can you beat him?

This online integration will potentially allow us to do other frequently requested big features like cloud saving and platform-based achievements (Google Play and Gamecenter) in the future.

Stay tuned for ongoing developments as these exciting new features take shape!