In The Beginning...

...there was nothing. And then, there was a game! That's the game development process for many people. Few realize how much pre-planning can go into an average project. Everything, from the menus, to the characters, to the font, must be designed. That design needs to have cohesion if all of the various elements are to look like they belong in the same game.

Since BioBeasts is, at its core, about mutant beasts, we decided to devote a tremendous amount of time to refining the appearance of the "hero" character.

Charfade and I were tasked with the challenge of conceptualizing the art style of BioBeasts, a mobile, single-player, action, survival game in which players take on the role of EpicDuel's most fearsome and freakish beasts and mutants.

Many styles were considered and tested before a final design was reached. As I type this the design is still being tweaked and refined. It was crucial to invest a great deal of time in the first creature as its look would dictate the art style of the rest of the game.

The creature needed to be iconic so we chose the BioHazard, one of the first creatures introduced in EpicDuel. The first concept, with a giant cyclops eye, was a bit too alien for a first creature. After some refinement and many meetings, we added two eyes along with more prominent and humanoid facial features.

With all this work, we're still finding minor things to tweak about the appearance and animation. We're really anxious to see how the art style evolves as we push further into mobile development.

The BioHazard will set the standard for other beasts available as playable characters in-game. Yetis, Armor Hazards, and other various creatures are planned for inclusion shortly. What other malevolent mutants would you like to control in BioBeasts?