BioBeasts FAQ

Q: What is BioBeasts?

A: See our announcement post here!

Q: Why BioBeasts?

A: For our first mobile project, we felt it was crucial to use a character people could recognize from EpicDuel while retaining the same spirit of battle and progression. At first, we thought of having a human player fighting hordes of enemies, but that has been done to death. Then we thought, “Why not turn the idea around? Instead, let the player be the beast!” Since EpicDuel already has a robust collection of creatures and mutants ripe for exploration, this was an easy decision.

Q: Why Mobile?

A: The past few years have seen a steady decline in browser games of all sizes. Adobe’s decision to pull support from Flash forced Artix Entertainment to pivot towards mobile gaming for future products. Console games, with high barriers of entry, would not be a viable alternative.
This transition has been very difficult as training all artists and programmers in a completely new development environment is time consuming. However, such training is essential for the sustainability of the company. Our games will only get better and bolder with time.

Q: What is the target audience of BioBeasts?

A: BioBeasts will have exaggerated, comic violence, but no blood or gore. It should be appropriate for all ages.

Q: As a member of the monster community, I find this game offensive. It depicts my kind as violent and simple-minded.

A: What?

Q: As a member of the Laboratory Guards Union, Delta V Chapter, I resent that this game callously glorifies the massacre of innocent, hardworking guards such as myself.

A: Stop hijacking the Q & A!

Q: Fine.

A: That's not a question.

Q: Is BioBeasts multiplayer?

A: BioBeasts is (designed to be) single-player only (You could get creative and have a friend control the other half of your device. Note that this is not recommended).

Q: When will it be released?

A: We’re not ready to discuss the release date just yet. We will release BioBeasts when we are 100% satisfied with the quality of the game. We are confidently looking at a 2015 release, however.

Q: How can I play it?

A: We are aiming for release on both Android and iOS. We will try to target a wide range of devices, but we’re still too early in development to offer an exact version cutoff.

Q: Will there be a browser version?

A: There is no browser version of BioBeasts currently planned.

Q: Will it link to my Artix Master Account?

A: No. Since it will be single-player only, BioBeasts will not require any kind of account login or authentication to play. We may offer a Facebook linkage or similar for limited online features such as Leaderboards.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: This game will be free to download with the option of in-game purchases.

Q: What will I get in other AE games if I give money to BioBeasts?

A: Linking accounts and offering content across various gaming platforms has proven to be a huge headache for AE’s previous mobile projects. To avoid these complications and adhere to our already tight timeline, there is no planned cross-promotional offer in other AE games.

Q: Why are you developing this and not EpicDuel 2 or EpicDuel Mobile?

A: Since the EpicDuel team is still very new to Unity, we decided to develop a small-scope mobile project to learn the basics of the platform. So far, we like what we see. Unity is far more powerful than Flash ever was and we’re learning more every day.

A project of the scale of EpicDuel 2 would be a monumental task. By focusing on a smaller project, we can avoid scope-creep and work through the entire process from conceptualization to a public launch quickly, building our team’s confidence toward larger projects.

Q: What will happen to EpicDuel?

A: This was a very important issue we discussed as we conceptualized this project. We knew that the realities of working on a project alongside EpicDuel would inevitably steal time away from our flagship project. However, we foresaw this issue and have been slowly developing a team of devoted and supremely talented Guest Artists and Writers to help us maintain the pace of EpicDuel development while we develop BioBeasts.

EpicDuel will continue to see updates and releases, and we have content planned well in advance. Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade, and Rabblefroth will continue to be a part of EpicDuel’s development for the foreseeable future.

Q: How can I stay informed on the latest updates about BioBeasts?

A: You can stay up to date on the latest BioBeasts news at our dev blog, and by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!


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