Frogzard Comes to BioBeasts!

There's a new Beast in town, one that should be very familiar to longtime fans of Artix Entertainment: the Frogzard! This iconic creature has been featured in nearly every AE game, from Adventure Quest to AQWorlds to its new incarnation in Adventure Quest 3D.

Frogzard will be available to unlock in our next release BioBeasts v1.5.3. His main attack will be a chomp attack with his massive jaws, while his Beast Power will unleash an epic roar that stuns surrounding bots, making them vulnerable to a super-powered bite.

Check out the Frogzard in action here:

That's not all we have planned for v1.5.3.! stay tuned as we have much more content planned and in the works for our next release, including new skins, new mutations, and serum stacking!

Nuclear Bundle Leaving!

For real! In BioBeasts v1.5.3, the Nuclear Bundle will be leaving! This means you will no longer be able to get the exclusive Radioactive Hazard skin or all the awesome bonus crossover items in AQW and EpicDuel.

Ignore this warning at your peril!

Thank you!

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