BioBeasts Gets Haunted

In BioBeasts v1.5.0 we introduced the ability of customize your Beasts' looks through unlockable skins. Since this feature rolled out, players have suggested a wide variety of ideas for us to run with.

BioBeasts v1.5.3 will launch with 6 new beast skins to collect so we decided to give you a little preview of them. There is now a grand total of 16 Beast skins... who's going to be the first to collect them all?

  • Shadow Salamancer
  • Shadow Kartherax
  • Venomous Mantis
  • Venomous Salamancer
  • Haunted Hazard *(only available with Haunted Bundle)
  • Magmazard

Haunted Preview ( Coming Soon )

The limited-time Haunted Bundle will be available in v.1.5.3 as soon as it goes live! Remember, since this new bundle is being featured this will be the FINAL WEEKEND to purchase the Nuclear Bundle and get the exclusive Radioactive Hazard skin with unlockable items in EpicDuel and AQW! Those who purchased the Nuclear Bundle previously will still be able to recover their items if they uninstall BioBeasts.

Progress Report

We are currently doing final testing on v1.5.3 and submitting to the App store this week. We'd like to extend an extra special thanks to our testers for this release as they found some unusual bugs, like the black box bug which was quite challenging to track down. If you'd like us to help test the latest builds of BioBeasts, please join the Official BioBeasts Testers group on G+.

Thank you!

Once again thank you for joining us along this creative journey! We couldn't have done this with out your support! Remember to follow us on Twitter , Instagram and like us on Facebook for latest updates!