iOS Woes

I'd like to address a very frustrating problem that has emerged in BioBeasts' shop for iOS users as of the last update. If you just downloaded the new update and checked out the store, you'll be greeted with this tantalizing new bundle!

Looks great, right? Time to buy!

Whoops! What happened? Your internet connection is probably fine. This message will also be displayed if you attempt to purchase any of the Crates. BioBit packages should work normally.

This issue can be traced back to Apple's submission process. Our submission for 1.5.3 was greenlit so we pushed it to the App store BUT the new packages, for reasons still unclear, were rejected. This creates a discrepancy in which players can see all the new packages but are presented with an error if they attempt to buy them.

So far, we've attempted to contact Apple by email, by phone (several times), and while we've been escalated, they've so far not been sympathetic to our situation. They could not identify why the packages continue to be held back.

If we do not hear back soon, we'll need to attempt an expedited release for 1.5.4. to address this, but that will still still take a few days at least to be reviewed and released. This puts us in an odd holding pattern which we're not really accustomed to.

Browser games, for all their limitations, afforded us complete control over issues like these, but now we're completely at the mercy of a third party that sees us as another grain of sand on a very crowded beach.

We understand your frustration and are doing everything that's within our power to give iOS users the same experience as Android users. We will announce across all channels as soon as we hear back from Apple. Fixing this shouldn't even require an update if all goes well.

It's worth noting that these packages all work fine on Android devices! Thank you for your continued patience and support!