BioBeasts on Enemy Game Design

How we chose the enemy theme:

We've talked about beasts, but who or what are the beasts fighting? It's an important question we needed to address early on. It became clear going with an enemy robotic theme allowed us to get away with more in terms of what can be created in this universe. For example, we could replace blood and gore with robotic parts upon death; which would help us reach more people when BioBeasts gets assigned its rating.

There’s also a perfectly legitimate lore explanation as to why the enemies encountered are robotic; no sane human would volunteer to be anywhere near a facility creating biological weapons with a taste for meat. Not even Legion guards are that loyal (or crazy). Besides, knowing how “eccentric” Alydriah is with her experiments, it would only be a matter of time before she decided to subject a human guard to the beastly experiments, just to see what happens...FOR SCIENCE!

Laboratory Guard

This is your standard-issue guard modeled after the Fortune City guards in EpicDuel. Armed with stun batons and zero concern for personal safety, these lowly drones swarm escaping beasts en masses to overwhelm with sheer numbers.

An interesting question: If the robots are wearing a city guard uniform, what happened to the humans they once belonged to?

Heavy Guard

The beefier version of the standard Laboratory Guard, these brutes move slow but pack a big punch. Their wrist-mounted claws can cut through just about anything and their thick armor allows them to withstand many beast attacks before succumbing. They often accompany squads of Laboratory Guards, confusing the escaping beasts and making them easier to overwhelm.

Scientist Guard

The first enemy encountered may look like a number-crunching nerd in a dorky costume at first, but interrupt his tablet time and he’ll brandish an assault rifle capable of downing the toughest beasts in no time.


Sometimes, when precision fails, more brutal techniques are required to subdue a beast. These devious foes scuttle across the laboratory floors to deliver high explosions to unsuspecting escapees.

We needed a new type of enemy to test variety of game play. While you're attacking other foes, Monkakazi can zip past with an explosive attached to his back hoping to catch you by surprise.The idea is if you do not address this enemy quickly, it will result in massive amounts of health loss which will require the player to immediately prioritize defeating this enemy over all others.

What’s Next?

Our current enemy list is ever evolving with revisions during the early stages. We have more ideas planned, but we would like to hear from you!

  • What types of enemies would you like to see next?
  • What special attacks have you liked from other games you've played?
  • What enemy strategy elements have you enjoyed playing in other games?

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