Level Up!

In an earlier post, we discussed environment design in BioBeasts, and now we're pleased to show off our progress so far and walk you through what's involved in bringing an environment to life.

First, we start with a concept. This painting by Charfade was based on a quadratic color scheme and an environment description of "an industrial robot production facility."

This quick rendering was then approved and refined, with key components separated into layers including shadows, floors, lights, pipes, gears, and any other module components.

Those components were then separated and compiled into a spritesheet. This sheet isn't the most efficiently arranged, but we plan on adding more small details on future polish passes. As you can see, the basic path is a quad of the finished design. This section will be copied to make a complete level, but to keep the background from being too symmetrical, certain assets are arranged in the layers to make the environment asymmetrical, yet balanced.

One the sheet is in Unity, it can be sliced and separated into layers. Certain components can then be animated to add life and character to the environment. It is our goal that the levels have as much personality and interests as the beasts and enemies!

Here's the final product in motion!

We'll try to incorporate special touches like this in all the levels to make the environment as exciting as the beasts and enemies!

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest design notes from BioBeasts!