Nuclear Bundle Leaving Soon!

BioBeasts Has Evolved!

The hit mobile action game BioBeasts is bigger and better than ever! Our new update adds tons of new Mutations, skins, and more to help you destroy your robotic foes!

**Get the Nuclear Bundle before It’s Gone!** ![](/content/images/2016/09/BioBeasts-Nuclear-700.jpg) In our upcoming 1.5.3 update, BioBeasts will be removing the popular Nuclear Bundle! This limited time package includes 10,000 BioBits, an exclusive Radioactive Hazard Skin, and a Nuclear Crate in BioBeasts!

The bundle also unlocks the Radioactive Hazard Armor in AdventureQuest Worlds and the Radioactive Baby Hazard in EpicDuel! This is your last chance to get this incredible bundle before it’s gone!

There’s a lot more to the Nuclear Bundle in AQW than just armor! We’ve expanded the shop to include a grand collection of beautiful bionic weapons in the in-game Nuclear Shop.

These items and more can be yours just by purchasing the Nuclear Bundle in BioBeasts!

Price Adjustment

Another change coming in BioBeasts 1.5.3. is a price reduction to the available crate packages.

We hope this helps to make the premium crates and the Ultra-Rare and Epic mutations more accessible!

New for 1.5.2!

BioBeasts 1.5.3. is on the horizon, but 1.5.2. is nearly here! It should hopefully be available for Android users this week and, with luck, on iOS shortly after.

The most noticeable upcoming feature is the ability to revive after losing your last heart. This is meant to make the game more accessible to players who become overwhelmed by the game's difficulty early on or skilled players who find Insane made to be an insurmountable blockade of mechanical death.

Another improvement is a more robust reward system for completing challenges and increasing your rank. In addition to earning BioBits as before, players will also be rewarded with crates at certain rank milestones.

Additionally, we've made some great performance improvements which should offer smoother gameplay on older devices.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support BioBeasts, rating us five stars, and most importantly, spreading the word to help us continue on the road to mobile domination!