BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.1.25

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New Beast: Toxic Mantis
  • Beast Power - Build a combo to spawn eggs, then unleash them down every lane for maximum destruction!
New Mutations
  • Overload Blast - At Max Health: Hitting enemies launches ranged plasma, dealing damage.
  • Win Button - On Health Loss: Huge Cooldown reduction.
  • Wimp Shield - Increased invincibility time after taking damage
  • Nova Bomb - Killing an enemy with a Critical Hit creates a collapsing sun, slowing and damaging enemies.
  • Complete mini-goals as you escape to increase your Challenge Rank. Every time you increase your Rank, you’ll be rewarded with BioBits. You’ll also find new titles with higher Ranks. Good luck finding them all!


  • Later waves are now up to 30% shorter
  • Boss health reduced by 20%
  • Boss now tries to alternate between behaviors where you can deal damage, and behaviors where you cannot. Previously it was possible to have very long stretches of time where no damage could be dealt.
  • Plink Tutorial - Many steps shortened or dropped. Can now tap anywhere to continue.
  • [iOS] Attempted to fix Plink’s speed impediment by increasing text speed
  • Red damage indicator now lasts for the duration of invincibility after losing health
  • Large reduction to memory usage throughout the game
  • Adjusted Salamancer’s fireball hitbox to be more visually accurate
  • Updated loads of different interfaces


  • [iOS] Fixed a hang when restoring purchases