BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.2.27

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Note: Android is currently rolling out, iOS is still waiting on approval. Will update when all platforms are live.


New Beast: Carnax Jr.
  • Stop the bots around you in time using a Stasis field, then blast them down with powerful Chaos Beams!
    NEW Beast Carnax Jr.
Survival Mode
  • The ultimate test of your skills
  • Unlocked by escaping on Hard
  • Unlimited waves
  • Gain up to 10 Mutations
  • New background maps: Frysteland and Central Station
Beast leaderboards!
  • See where you stand with your favorite beast. Compete against your friends and the rest of the world.
  • Google Play & Apple Game Center integration (Note: this does not backup your data, but may allow this in the future)
Other features
  • Serums can be purchased during an escape when you have 0 left
  • Challenges may be replaced for 100 BioBits (stars are not awarded)


  • Beast Powers now show their duration if applicable. Cooldowns start after power is complete; most cooldowns have been changed to compensate.
  • Bionic Bunny
  • Cooldown: 25 → 20 seconds
  • Salamancer
  • Cooldown: 20 → 15 seconds
  • Toxic Mantis
  • Fixed leg animation wonk
  • Replaced hurt sound with one that is less harsh
  • Final Boss
  • Base Scrap reward: 1000 → 5000
  • Bomber Bot
  • Bumped bombs back because Carnax is a beefcake
  • K9 bot
  • Made attack animation more noticeable
  • Updated Bomb, Weakness, and Scrap Bonus upgrade icons to be clearer and more distinct
  • Certain bots will no longer spawn in the early waves of Insane
  • The “Extra Health” upgrade now increases health by 3.5x instead of 4x
  • Bomber Bot will no longer spawn with Upgrades
  • Beast Feast
  • Max Health: 1-2 → 0
  • Current Health: 1-3 → 2-5
  • Bill of Health
  • Doubles all health gain → Gain 2 health from Health Bots
  • Overload Blast
  • Damage: 20-60 → 10-40
  • Nova Bomb
  • Critical Chance: 5% → 0%
  • Bulwark
  • Shield Duration: Infinite → 15-35 seconds
  • Max Level: 1 → 11
  • Hallowed Bastion
  • Shield Duration: Infinite → 15-35 seconds
  • Max Level: 1 → 11
  • Minefield
  • Mines: 1-4 → 2-4
  • Damage: 150-400 → 100-350
  • Knockback: 3 → 3.5
  • Bug Charge
  • Bugs: 1-4 → 2-4
  • Damage: 150-350 → 100-250
  • Knockback: 2.5 → 2
  • Wimp Shield
  • Renamed Iron Will because it made the beasts lose too much self esteem
  • Minefield
  • Updated animations and perspective of mines
  • Game over screen shows your global ranking with that beast and your challenge rank
  • New flow for difficulty selection
  • All buttons in the game use a more standard look
  • Wave name is shown in pause menu
Other changes
  • Requirements increased on Challenges that require damage to a single enemy
  • All text moved to newer system, may slightly improve performance
  • Some data is now validated against a server, may increase initial loading times
  • Highest wave reached is now tracked per Beast
  • Splash screen altered slightly for filesize
  • All bombs are now immune to all status effects
  • End of wave enemy check waits slightly longer to prevent some odd behaviors
  • Completion star is shown for Mutation tiers that are fully upgraded
  • Larger scrap popup when getting larger amounts of scrap
  • Adjusted “height” of various enemies to be properly above/below the beast
  • As always, numerous memory and performance adjustments

Bugs Fixed

  • Loading hang the first time you see a shield from Hallowed Bastion or Bulwark
  • Loading hang the first time you see a Teleporter bot
  • Potential issues where challenge data would not be saved properly
  • Enemies chosen for boss fight not properly resetting between runs
  • Prevent wave from ending if beast has no health left
  • Fixes to loading and graphical errors on certain devices
  • Seemingly improved Bluetooth compatibility