BioBeasts Patch Notes - 1.5.0

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Note: We quietly released an update to the Android version of the game a little while ago. After reviewing feedback we made a number of changes to the game. Those changes are listed at the end.


  • Crates: Obtain 10 Batteries by clearing waves, then warp in a Crate. Once a Crate opens after time or by using BioBits, you'll get a pile of Mutations. Get enough Mutations to level them up for free!
  • Mutations now have a rarity instead of shop tier, and can be unlocked in any order
  • Equip Mutations to your Beasts after clearing Wave 5! Start with your favorites on Wave 1!
  • There are now 3 types of Mutations. Battle Mutations are found during battle. Beast Mutations can be equipped to a specific beast. Skin Mutations can change the look of your beasts.
  • 12 Beast Mutations added
  • 10 Skin Mutations added
  • New Nuclear Bundle available in shop. Contains:
  • 10000 BioBits
  • Exclusive Radioactive Hazard skin
  • Nuclear Crate
  • Codes for exclusive items in AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel
  • Can now replay the game directly from Game Over
  • Several new Plink messages explaining new features
  • Added 60 more ranks to Challenges
  • UI sounds overhaul
  • Tons of interface improvements and changes


  • Serums are now purchased between waves (no longer in beast select)
  • Replaced Plink's daily BioBits with a free crate every 8 hours
  • Can now watch an ad for 75 BioBits every 10 minutes at end of runs
  • Lowered Toxic Mantis and Carnax Jr. unlock cost to 5000 BioBits. Future beasts will also be set at this price.
  • Added, removed, or shortened several Plink messages
  • Updated difficulty icons
  • Updated door art
  • Updated Rampage popup
  • Confirm when quitting a run


  • Thorn Skin now destroys enemy projectiles
  • Overload Blast now destroys enemy projectiles
  • Bomber bombs were not being destroyed by burn or poison damage
  • Increased character set to display Facebook names better
  • Updated engine version, fixing a number of device-specific issues

Android Changes From Last Update

  • Added level blocks to Mutation details screen
  • Can unlock and level up Mutations for BioBits again
  • Price discounted by collecting that Mutation from crates
  • Filling Mutation bar makes level up free
  • Crate unlock cost lowered from 9 to 5 BioBits per minute
  • Quantum Crates now contain 2 unique Epic Mutations
  • Quantum Crates now drop more often
  • Increased random drop rate of non-Commons in all Crates
  • Number of Mutations required to level up greatly reduced at higher levels
  • BioBits rewarded for maxed Mutations greatly increased
  • Lowered tutorial crate unlock time to 10 seconds
  • Slowed down Crate open animations
  • Pulse Crates that can start unlocking
  • Don't show "!" and "NEW" on main menu at same time
  • Squidling Spawn Mutation
  • Combo now decreases with level from 10 → 6
  • Hatchery Mutation
  • Cooldown: 5-2 → 5-0 seconds (Does not increase Cooldown at max level)
  • Fixed time discrepancy on Crate unlocks
  • Fixed issue where Mutations could show NEW in Crates when not intended
  • Fixed Hatchery description showing increasing cooldown at higher levels. Behavior was correct.