Patch Notes - 1.5.4


#Features ######Escape Highlights * A short clip of an awesome moment will automatically be recorded during your escape * You can view, edit and share the clip at the end of your run through Unity Everyplay


Blood Boil
  • Now increases damage by 10-40 for each point of Health you are currently missing
  • Will no longer lose damage bonus when resuming escape
  • Dev Notes: Blood Boil has the chance to basically break the game by losing and gaining health over a long run, and had few interesting synergies in the game. This should make it a little less nuts and play nicer with other Mutations. If it feels too weak, we can give it some more love in the future.
  • Added attack range and power duration to beast stats
  • Several tutorial and early game adjustments
  • Certain early challenges will no longer show up after Challenge Rank 10

Bugs Fixed

  • Battle music did not restart when resuming an escape
  • Ensure notification reminding you to warp in or unlock a crate triggers consistently
  • Fixed number formatting issue on specific Mutations at specific levels
  • Mutations were sometimes not being shown in your mutation list
  • Reanimator bot attack could be stuck on when playing dead
  • Serum Challenge progress could be lost when resuming escape
  • [Unity Patch] Potential fix to saving/loading game when using external (SD card) storage.
  • [iOS] Frogzard leaderboard now live