Frost King and Patch Notes - 1.5.5


#Features ######Frost King Bundle: * Includes exclusive Frost King Hazard skin * Quantum Crate * 10k BioBits


  • Updated app icon for winter!
  • Yeti Cold Snap -
    Will now refreeze enemies after a short duration
    Radius slightly decreased (4.3m → 4.2m) to avoid enemies being frozen outside attack range
  • Health bots will no longer spawn with Upgrades (bombs, rockets, etc)
  • [iOS] Restore purchase button will no longer disable when one package is owned
  • Added option to turn off Highlight recording if encountering performance issues (should be rare)
  • Added attack range and power duration to beast stats
  • Several tutorial and early game adjustments
  • Certain early challenges will no longer show up after Challenge Rank 10

Bugs Fixed

  • Lancer bots no longer continue their charge when frozen, stunned, etc