Runway to Release!

We're currently in an in-house testing phase so we've been working tirelessly to complete the game to release it for iOS and Android platforms. Look for more gameplay videos and previews next week as our testing efforts intensify.

We're working especially hard on polish because, unlike our browser products, we can't rely on the "push it out and fix it later" philosophy that, while reckless, has worked and been a part of Artix Entertainment's charm for over a decade. Releasing a flawed game on the App store will only result in bad reviews, a sour reception, and, ultimately, a failed product. Thank you for your patience as we try to make this the best mobile product from Artix Entertainment yet!

Even in the midst of an epic pre-release crunch, we haven't forgotten our promise to deliver a BioBeasts themed package in EpicDuel.

BioBeasts ED Promo

More details on this package will be revealed when the contents have been finalized. The release date will be near the release of BioBeasts, which we hope will be very soon. Be sure to follow our Twitter accounts for the latest concept art posts and details. Even our Guest artists have been getting involved in the process! Get ready to kick some cyborg butt in EpicDuel and BioBeasts!