The Salamancer Cometh

Hey there! Here's a quick preview of some of the other beasts you can control in BioBeasts. We want every beast to have a slightly different play style so a major goal of our designs is to make every beast distinctive. To that end, we asked the AdventureQuest Worlds artist Memet to help us create some spectacular new specimens.

This creature, code named be me as the "Salamancer," will use a projectile-based flame attack to incinerate foes. It's Beast Power will be a wave of flame that decimates all foes in a lane. The ranged style of attack will differ greatly frame the hack-and-slash gameplay of the default Bio Hazard beast.

This super-genius rabbit in powered battle armor should be familiar to player of EpicDuel. This furious fluffball will use rapid-fire fists to create a wall of metal and spikes for oncoming waves of enemies.

Each beast will look and play very differently, significantly changing the challenge and style of play, and we're eager to show you more gameplay of different beasts slaying wave after wave of bots in upcoming updates!