#MyBioBeast Contest Winners

After scouring through hundreds of entries we are thrilled to officially announce the winners of our #MyBioBeast competition. The winners were chosen based on creativity, technical skill, and general enthusiasm for BioBeasts. Although we were impressed by the artistic abilities on display, we also carefully considered interesting or funny concepts for Beast Powers.

Congratulations to the following winners! You will be contacted via Twitter by the official BioBeasts account to receive your prize of 10,000 Artix Points! If you haven't responded by Monday October 19 at 11:59 PM EST, we will award to the prize to a contestant on the honorable mention list.


We loved the concept and artwork for this Beast. We could easily visualize this monstrosity in game. Firing in four directions would be deliciously OP.


This contestant submitted numerous entries and they were all of impressive quality. This Mutant Mole was our favorite of the bunch!


We were really impressed by the use of materials to create an interesting 3D effect, especially the intricate etching around the letters.


We were amazed by the effort put into this short video featuring the escape of a rogue Bio Hazard from its laboratory prison.


This tenacious contestant demonstrated that you can create art from anything, including the ground! There's something primal and poetic about forging a vicious beast from the earth.


A BioBeasts sculpture with a glowing eye? Awesome! This makes us want some BioBeasts action figures!


This Mutant Anteater was as cute as it was intimidating. That long tongue could make short work of an armor of security drones!


This beast was the complete package: Great premise with great execution!


This contestant submitted many entries, but the one that caught our eyes was this clever parody of Angry Birds. The other entries were also well done, but this stood out due to the concept of a team of beasts cooperating to smash out of the lab.


Doge's enthusiasm for this competition was astonishing. The idea of a beast that could use the parts of destroyed enemies to upgrade itself earned a place among the winners.

Honorable Mentions

We had so many spectacular entries it was painful to only choose ten. Although these entries were not in the top ten, we'd still like to highlight the passion and creativity of some outstanding participants, listed here in no particular order!

Trilophant by @PiscesLife312

Cute Beast by @spencer123456pt

Swag Beast by @Bleachify

Steel Beast by @vikaskr2204

BioBeast Pumpkin by @EdMage

Another BioBeast Pumpkin by @varun9999tripa2

Bane Beast by @Hitrokame

Red Bear by @JDaisho

Battle Tortoise Beast by @KirkC_18

Hacker Beast by @ASOfficial5

BioBeast Weapon Concepts by @ItsTeun

Quality Fan Art by @leonard09419553

Thank you to all who participated! Continue to follow this blog and our social media accounts to get the latest progress updates on BioBeasts as we prepare to launch (very soon)!